Thoughts create our realities and are the causes of all the physical and verbal actions we take. Given that most of us aren’t totally sure what exactly thoughts even are…. It is always amazing to me how much authority we give the thoughts and beliefs that float through our own minds.  We assume they are correct without even knowing what they are. We use our minds to learn about everything, but understand very little about the mind itself.  If there was a reality separate from mind, it would be experienced the same way by everyone.  More than ever now, I take it as a great personal responsibility to watch my own mind for assumptions, prejudice and hate in all its gross to subtle aspects. It is the only thing over which I can have any control, and perhaps one of the ways I can improve the quality of my little corner of the universe. In general, if thoughts or beliefs drive actions motivated for the happiness of self and others, I think they are the closest ones to any sort of truth. Xo